1390’s and Beyond

1390s 1399: Richard II abdicates the throne of England
1400s 1400-05: Owen Glen Dwr rises against English rule in Wales 1400: Geoffrey Chaucer dies1405: Jean Froissart diesc1412: Joan of Arc born
1410s 1415: Battle of Agincourt 1417: The great Papal Schism ends with the General Council of the Church at Constance; Martin V becomes the single pope
1420s 1420: Treaty of Troyes; on June 2 Henry V marries Catherine Valois
1430s 1431: Joan of Arc burned at the stake
1450s 1453, July: Battle of Castillon, last battle of the war1453: Ottoman Turks capture Constantinople 1455: “The War of the Roses,” an English civil war, begins 1454: Johannes Gutenberg perfects his movable type printing press
After the War 1475: Edward IV invades France in alliance with the Duke of Burgundy 1470: Sir Thomas Mallory’s Le Morte d’Arthur
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