Peel Agincourt Diary: 19 April

Sir Geoffrey has come to London that he may responded to the king’s order of this month past. Yet, he has not yet been able to see the king. As this day drew towards its close, I believe we learned why.

It seems the king was very busy this morning as he entertained the great of the realm after morning mass. All four royal dukes along with nine earls, fifteen barons, both archbishops, eight bishops and several abbots of the major houses have broken their fast with him at Westminster Palace. Sir Geoffrey is not so exalted as to be among such a company.

Nonetheless we have heard that the king informed those great lords that he has followed their advice to renew diplomatic efforts and to moderate his territorial claims but the adversary of France still denies him. He has again sought their approval for his war and the gathered lords have agreed. We are told that they have also put into place the arrangements necessary for the successful prosecution of the king’s war.

It seems that this war will go forward for certain now. May God have mercy upon us all.

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