Peel Agincourt Diary: 26 October

Early in the morning King Henry led his prisoners on a penitential walk across the battlefield, where great numbers of the nobility who had been killed for their lord, the king of France, still lay, stripped naked as the day they were born. Those of his men who followed the king still found living among the dead. Any who could identify themselves as being of noble both were taken prisoner. All others, including those too severely wounded to travel, were put to death.

When the time came to march, the king had the army set to traveling formation with three battles and each man in all his armor. He rescinded the order for the gentlemen to wear their cote armors, even though we know now that it was not all of France that stood against us on the field at Azincourt. There are lords whose hosts may yet seek us out to our discomfort.

May God keep us safe, and the Blessed Virgin and St. George watch over us.

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