Peel Agincourt Diary: 1 November

It is the feast of All Saints. The recent battle has meant many new souls to pray for this day, and the king asked his priests to pray for all those lost in that battle, both English and French, in each of the three morning masses he heard today. As is the custom the king wrote a purple gown this day and those around him wore mourning gowns of black. Sir Geoffrey did not as his best goewn was lost in the march.

Some of Sir Geoffrey’s archers are getting a lesson in the hard fact that not everyone who captures a Frenchman can afford to keep him. Even after selling some of the the prizes they had taken from Frenchmen or their baggage train, they do have neither the money to pay for their captured knight’s passage across the sea nor even to keep him fed.They have had to sell him off to a man who seems to make it his business to collect the prisoners from those who can afford to keep them. They received only a fraction of the full ransom, one part in ten I heard said from one and 3 or 4 in one from others, but they have been paid in cash. I know not how much of that sum they retain for I have seen that they revel in ale and wine and I believe they have drunk much of their ransom portion already.

Sir Geoffrey is not pleased. I do not think he cares that they drink their own portion, but by their transaction, they have foregone the full ransom and thusly have deprived Sir Geoffrey, their captain, of his full third of it. As dear as all things have been here in Calais, any loss of income is to be regretted.

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