All clothing should be in colors achievable with natural dye materials available to Europe in the late fourteenth century.

Basic clothes consist of

  • undershorts (braes)
  • leg coverings (hosen)
  • a shirt
  • an outer garment
  • a head covering
  • shoes.

There are variations and elaborations to most of the items, far too many to cover quickly. Basically, we try to keep what we wear within the realm of what would be typical for the period we are portraying.

Basic accessories consist of

  • a belt (girdle)
  • a purse
  • a sheathed knife or dagger
  •  minimal set of eating gear (consisting of bowl, spoon, and drinking vessel)
  • (for military presentations) the minimal arms and armor needed for then particular portrayal

We highly recommended

  • a suitable container of historic design in which to carry your stuff
  • a cloak or a second, possibly heavier, outer garment for warmt at winter and late fall or early spring presentations.


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