An Archer’s Kit

An archer is the basic soldier for the military company. The required kit listed here is what you need to complete to become a companion in the group, but the extra kit listed for “a well arrayed archer” is what we would like you to have to truly represent one of Sir Geoffrey’s archers.

To present yourself as an archer, you must have at least one basic set of clothes, a few other items and minimal weapons suitable to an archer. Please refer to our clothing glossary for definitions of the garments and check out archery equipment for details on the named items.


    • Braes: Style will be timeframe dependent.
    • Hosen: Probably “point” hosen, but possibly “tailed” or “joined” in post 1400 timeframes
    • Shirt
    • Tunic or Cote: Which, as well as the cut, depends on role and timeframe. Having this garment in Sir Geoffrey’s military livery colors (azure and murrey) is always welcome.
    • Belt
    • Purse
    • Small “use” knife and sheath
    • Headgear: Necessary if your hairstyle is not a period appropriate one. Your role may determine the most suitable sort, influenced by the time period being portrayed.
    • Shoes


    • Bowl: A wooden one is fine.
    • Spoon: One with a fig shaped bowl, wooden will do.
    • A drinking vessel: If you don;t want to drink out of your bowl, which is a fine medieval solution.

Archer’s Weapons:

    • War bow: A D-section, self longbow with horn nocks; no leather wrap at the grip; linen bow string.
    • 3 War arrows
    • Sidearm: A long dagger will do, but an sword, axe, or maul are also choices.
    • “Dummy” Arrowbag: A properly constructed arrow bag with dowels or target arrows to fill up the load in place of the war arrows you don’t have yet.


    • A Bow Bag: A narrow bag of wool to protect your bow and help keep it from wet.
    • Cloke or a second Cote: Always welcome on cold days
    • Pattens: You will be grateful of these if the ground is wet.
    • Container: either a bag or box to keep your stuff in.

A Well Arrayed Archer will have:

    • Helmet: There are a variety of options and styles chance during the war.
    • Body Armor: Either a jack (heavily padded garment) or a mail shirt is preferred. Other options are possible. Garment styling changes during the war.
    • Full Sheaf of Arrows for arrow bag: They need not all be war arrows. In fact a variety of heads provides more opportunities for education.
    • A second arrow bag: This can be a “dummy” bag.
    • Sword: A single-hand sword with scabbard or sheath.
    • Buckler: Preferably a wooden body, reinforced with metal or not, fax ed with leather and fitted with a metal boss and wooden handle.
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