A Servant’s Kit

For living history kit, a servant’s outfit and accessories are about as simple as it gets.

To present yourself as a servant, you must have at least one basic set of clothes and a few other items. . Please refer to our clothing glossary for definitions of the garments.


    • Braes: Style will be timeframe dependent.
    • Hosen: Probably “point” hosen, but possibly “tailed” or “joined” in post-1400 timeframes
    • Shirt
    • Tunic or Cote: Which, as well as the cut, depends on role and timeframe.
    • Belt
    • Purse
    • Small “use” knife and sheath
    • Headgear: Necessary if your hairstyle is not a period appropriate one. Your role may determine the most suitable sort, influenced by the time period being portrayed.
    • Shoes


    • Bowl: A wooden one is fine.
    • Spoon: One with a fig shaped bowl, wooden will do.
    • A drinking vessel: If you don;t want to drink out of your bowl, which is a fine medieval solution.


    • Cloke or a second Cote: Always welcome on cold days
    • Pattens: You will be grateful of these if the ground is wet.
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