A Gentlewoman’s Kit

To present yourself as a gentlewoman, you must have at least one basic set of clothes and a few other items. A knight’s Lady will need a bit more. Please refer to our clothing glossary for definitions of the garments.


  • Hosen: Knee length.
  • Garters: No pewter, copper alloy fittings minimum.
  • Shift
  • Kirtle: Styles vary with timeframe.
  • Gown: Styles vary with timeframe.
  • Belt: No pewter, preferably silver(ed) fittings and mounts. Styles vary with timeframe.
  • Purse: Decorated or rich fabric bag
  • Small “use” knife and sheath
  • Headgear: Necessary if your hairstyle is not a period appropriate one. Styles vary with marital status and timeframe.
  • Shoes: Styles vary with timeframe.
  • Some jewelry: Styles vary with timeframe.


  • Seat: Either a chair, a stool, or a seat-height chest.
  • Bowl: A fine wooden or pottery one will do, but metal is preferred.
  • Spoon: One with a fig shaped bowl, metal.
  • A drinking vessel: A fine pottery one will do, but metal is preferred.


  • Cloke: Always welcome on cold days
  • Pattens: You will be grateful of these if the ground is wet.
  • Gloves: also welcome on cold days.
  • Container: A “lady’s chest” (a small coffer for sundries, toiletries, etc.
  • Fiber Arts Tools/Supplies: For an art you can practice, such as spinning, tablet weaving, embroidery, or sewing.

A Knight’s Lady will have:

  • Silver(ed) or better fittings on her garters and belt.
  • More Jewelry
  • Something to add to the sideboard for hastilude scenarios: A ewer, plates, saucers, etc.
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