Visitations of the Black Death (from a 1382 perspective)

32-34 Years Ago (1348-50)

  • The first visitation: starting in summer in south coast ports including Southampton
  • 35-45% mortality; though whole families, and the entire populations of some villages and monasteries perished
  • “few great men” died, though one was the Chancellor
  • 32 years ago (1350)
  • harvests failed for lack of people to plant and reap.

20-21 Years Ago (1361-62)

  • called the “mortality of Infants”, since it particularly affected children
  • Henry and Blanche of Lancaster, and the Bishops of London, Worcester, and Ely died

17 Years Ago (1365)

  • minor outbreak

13-14 Years Ago (1368-69)

  • this visitation also particularly fatal to children
  • also affected larger animals
  • 8 Years Ago (1374)
  • started in the south, particularly severe in London
  • also particularly fatal to children

3-4 years ago (1378-79)

  • considered a “minor” outbreak
  • started in south, took 2-3 years to arrive in north
  • 1379 pestilence recorded in Southampton

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